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General information

There will be a come-together event on Friday evening for those arriving in Munich the day before. We will meet in the restaurant Steinheil 16, which is close to the meeting place for eating, drinking and talking.
It will start at 19:00 and you can join anytime depending on your arrival time.
Personal note: No tie needed :-) The restaurant was one of my favourites during my studies at the Technical University in the 80s and is (still) mainly visited by students.

Saturday evening the official social event will take place at the Löwenbräukeller.

Program Schedule

19:00 Come Together at the Steinheil 16
09:00 10:00 On-site registration, Meet and Greet
10:00 10:15 Welcome
10:15 11:00 Richard Hipp The Fossil Software Configuration Management System
11:00 11:45 Zbigniew Diaczyszyn Password Gorilla - A multi-platform Tcl/Tk coded password manager
11:45 12:30 Csaba Nemethi Recent Progress in Tablelist
12:30 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:45 Franco Violi Tclrad - a rad system proposal to the tcl community
14:45 15:30 Ulrich Ender A virtual computer written in Tcl to test machine codes
15:30 16:00 Coffe Break
16:00 16:45 Rene Zaumseil kbs - kitgen build system
16:45 17:30 Jan Nijtmans Cygwin Tcl/Tk: Windows or UNIX?
19:30 Social Event at the Löwenbräukeller
09:00 09:45 Reinhard Max Tcl and IPv6
09:45 11:00 Work-In-Progress Session
Matthias Kraft jUnit compatible XML reporting for tcltest or: Abusing a refactored tclunit to enable Jenkins statistics on tcltest output.
Martyn Smith Experimenting with a virtual tablelist
Vaclav Snajdr How to put a Tcl application into a web browser without code modification
Massimo Manghi Application Development for the Web with Rivet and the Apache HTTP Server
Paul Obermeier CAWT - Com Automation With Tcl
11:00 11:45 All State and Future of Tcl. Discussion with TCT members.
11:45 13:00 Lunch
13:00 13:45 Derk Münchhausen New Siemens Open Source Contribution for TCL: tStomp Messaging library. Why and how to use TCL in a very large scale Software Development.
13:45 14:30 Arnulf Wiedemann APWTCL - A lite weight Tcl interpreter for cell phones
14:30 15:00 Conclusion, Good bye, See you next year ??


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